First Day of School After Corona Holidays


Kids' natural environment of learning and acquistion is school

    It has been clear that Covid-19 pandemic has made a radical change in the way students vision their education. Motivation to study may have been reduced and educational objectives to fulfil may have been flown away due to the long absence from school.

However, it is always never late to recharge students’ motivation to catch up at school again. This article provides crucial hints to take into account for our kids to rejoin school with great enthusiasm:

It is quite normal that the first day of school is a great opportunity for our kids to get in touch with each other as well as with the school’s staff and teachers. Such meeting is primordial for the reestablishment of classroom routine, especially after a tough, new experience of distant learning during the pandemic where our novice-user kids had to communicate their thoughts and assignments by means of computers and screens. hopefully, getting back to the normal setting of learning with face-to-face classroom communication will alleviate our kids’ stress and anxiety.

A New Covid Classroom

Surely, rejoining school will not free students from already-set precautions and instructions that WHO (World Health Organization) urged upon, such as keeping social distance, putting masks whenever need be, getting vaccinated…What is relieving is that our kids have coped themselves with these instructions for more than a year. As kids are no longer vulnerable to discussions and debates on Covid-19. It is parents’ duty to prepare them to school’s normal atmosphere by discussing in advance what they might see or talk upon at school.

What our kids need:

  • Patience

Unlike what they experienced during distant learning, students will have to stay longer in the classroom, listen to the teachers’ lectures and instructions, deal with peer and group work, then communicated their thoughts to the rest of class and respond to person-to-person feedbacks.

If all this has to comes to our kids’ minds during the first school’s day, they must be more anxious and may not like school at the first place. To alleviate the issue, students need to be more patient. Accordingly, parents and teachers have to help their kids regain patience through motivating discourse and by means of encouraging ice-breaking activities. Remember! a kid can do a hard work to get a candy as prize. Starting the first day of school by rewarding our kids after elicited hard work will bring about fantastic long-term results at school and even during homework.

  • Indifference to Covid-19

Covid-19 is not as stronger as our kids' desire to learn is

The second hint to take into account is to avoid school discussion on Corona pandemic as much as we can. As long as our kids do not fear it, or at least forget it for a while, teachers and parents need to seize such opportunity to enable students engage in quite a normal school setting devoid of scary talks about Corona. Deviating kids’ concern toward schooling is the best teachers and parents can afford during the first days of school.

Practical Suggestions for the first Day of School:

Along with the psychological preparation that we stated earlier, and which urges teachers and parents to avoid discussions on Corona and help students focus on normal school setting instead, here are a few other practical hints to get our kids highly motivated for the first day of school:

  • What parents should do:

  • Let your kids participate in daily tasks, such as shopping for school’s tools and materials.
  • Start to read with your kids focused stories upon school and classroom to help them mentally recapitulate the best memories on school.
  • Let kids have sufficient joy during day time and enough rest one or two days prior the first day of school. The idea is let kids calm and normal.
  • Talk to your kids about the rewards they will get after their first day of school.
  • If possible, let kids meet or contact their teachers before school begins. They may just send them emails and get in touch with them. Teachers may give parents and kids ideas on what to bring, what will be lectured, and how the first school day will be managed.

  • What teachers should do:
The best teacher is the best company 

Teachers’ first priority is to help their students feel comfortable, especially after a long time of absence from school. The first day of school is an exceptional opportunity for teachers to establish great relationship with their new kids, that is students. Rules and instructions should be displayed in a smooth way, while most of the session’s time should be spared for heartwarming and motivational discussions. The following ideas can help teachers make of the first day of school a successful one:
  • Help students know each other and let them communicate the course requirements in pairs or groups.
  • Offer illustrated or picture-based instructions. This will be helpful for students to cope with the first start in the classroom.
  • Enhance in-person learning discussions and activities that allow students communicate the lesson with natural openness. Remember that it has been a while those students haven’t talked in groups and within a classroom setting.
  • Provide crystal clear schedule for students. The idea is to eradicate any chance of anxiety and fill the gap with meaningful objectives.
  • Do not give a lot of homework during the first day of school. Students are expected to have loved your session and are now eager to meet you the next day for more fruitful discussions.
  • Let your students feel that school is the best experience they can enjoy. Motivate them and remind them of their exceptional intellectual capacities that will allow them reach prosperity at all levels.

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