What's going on LAKERS? Dillon Brooks verbally attacked LeBron James


The recent Grizzlies-Lakers game saw Desmond Bane score 17 points, and Ja Morant didn't play. The Lakers had won the first game, but the series lacked the expected excitement. However, things took a dramatic turn when Dillon Brooks verbally attacked LeBron James, saying he was old, tired, and not as good as he used to be.
 Brooks' audacious rant has turned this series into a referendum, either on Brooks himself or on James. If James doesn't perform well, this could affect his reputation. Through two games, James has played well, but he has a foot injury, and Brooks has played him one-on-one, forcing him to take the shots the Grizzlies want him to take. 

Despite his injury, James has scored 49 points on 20-of-39 shooting, grabbed 23 rebounds, and delivered eight assists against six turnovers. He has even played defensively, with four blocks and three steals. If James doesn't hang the 40-spot on Brooks that he said is required to earn his respect, it could affect his reputation. James is 38, and his foot injury could impact his performance. Nevertheless, his innate ability to take over a game with brute force and supreme basketball IQ is still intact.

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